Customized Ecommerce Website Design in Kenya

Ecommerce Web Development Services in Kenya

Crimson Technologies’s Ecommerce CMS plan is the most profitable way to have a custom ecommerce website solution in Kenya and to keep it secured & up-to-date over time.

Getting a website design service company in Kenya is just the first step. Businesses need to regularly update and enhance their websites. You can easily update your CMS website yourself or get Crimson Technologies Web Design's team to do it if you prefer it that way.

We know how to build websites that generates real business. The blending of new and old marketing coupled with the latest in technological innovation breeds true success, whether measured by profits, brand impressions, or relationships.

Our ecommerce Website Design Features

Ecommerce website solutions in Kenya

Our Custom Ecommerce Website Design solution features empower you to manage your website, yourself - No design knowledge required for maintaining your website:

  • CMS website (Content Management System) that allows you to add new pages yourself, at any time, without paying extra and without any professional help.
  • Allows you to sell an unlimited number of products with Easy self updateable products/categories.
  • Integrated Shipping with supported choice courier companies in Kenya and around the world.
  • Inventory Control with an integrated Product Catalogue Search feature.
  • Integrated payment gateway modules that facilitate online purchases such as®, PayPal® and Google CheckOut®.
  • Integrated Kenyan-based Mobile payment gateway solutions such as M-pesa®, YuCash®, Airtel Money® and Orange Money®.
  • Our websites are Search Engine friendly with a customer contact form that gets you prospective leads and crucial feedback from website visitors in your email.

E-marketing your products

We also set up Social Networking accounts on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These will help boost your marketing reach by providing an affordable and convenient means of getting your company and products known to a huge prospective customer base.

Full service Ecommerce website design package

What we provide is a full ecommerce design service package. We go the extra mile and provide you with unlimited corporate email addresses, Website Hosting services and provide help and support to address your queries and concerns, all in one place if needed, true 24 X 7 customer support via phone, email or onsite visits to your business center.

Partner with Crimson Technologies today

Let Crimson technologies be your prefered web design services provider of choice in Kenya. We promise to get your website the highest possible visibility across the world wide web.

Contact us today or Call us on 020-244-1086 for a custom Web Design Solution in Kenya that fits your specific requirements, while remaining friendly to your finances.

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