Why Social Media Marketing Services Matter to your Kenyan Business

Reasons why you should adopt social media marketing now.

More and more small businesses are opting for social media marketing as a viable channel through which they can reach their clients. Why? Because it’s cheap and easy to use

Why Social Media Marketing Services in Kenya

If you have yet to explore the benefits of social media marketing, here are 8 reasons why you should:

  • It assists the creation of a recognizable brand: Creating an online profile on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube assists you to communicate your brand name quickly. If you can get one or two of your target followers to pay your brand attention on these channels then you will automatically get your brand some visibility on their social networks and connections, who knows where this could lead.
  • It assists you to reach a targeted market: It is much easier to target a marketing campaign via a social media channel than it is to do so via other means. The nature of many social networks entails that you can almost instantly track how your campaign is performing and whether or not you are attracting the right audience.
  • It allows you to easily communicate with your clients: Social media platforms allow you to get your key messages and communications to your clients quickly and easily. If you have a promotion, sale, new product or special offer you can communicate these directly to your customer in a timely manner.
  • You can actually interact with your clients: In the past the only time at which you could actually interact with your customer base was face-to-face. Social media has changed all that and you can now reach out to your clients, listen to what they have to say and interact freely with them, all without leaving the comfort of your office.
  • You can foster goodwill: As your clients interact with you and get to know you they will become more emotionally attached to your brand and what you do. This will lead to more clients, more referrals and more orders.
  • It may increase your search engine rankings: No one is really sure of the impact that increased social media has on search engine rankings but some parties do argue that gaining links to your site from social networks will be beneficial in the long term. Well it can’t do any harm can it?
  • You can spy on your competitors: Social media networks allow you to quickly and easily learn about how your competitors are interacting with the market. You can observe the conversations they are having with their clients, see what promotions they are launching and learn about any complaints that their clients are airing. All this will help you to develop a strategy for attracting those same clients to your business.
  • It’s eco-friendly: You have plenty of choice when it comes to delivering an advertising campaign but social media marketing really does represent one of the most cost effective and eco-friendly methods out there. There’s no paperwork, printing or ink so you can deliver your key messages without it costing the earth, both literally and figuratively.
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Social media usage is rising rapidly every day. This represents a huge opportunity for small and medium business brands; make sure your clients don’t miss out. Crimson offers Social media Marketing Services to Companies in Kenya and East Africa. Learn more here

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