Bulk SMS Marketing services in Kenya

Use Crimson's Bulk SMS Solutions in Kenya to reach your employees, Clients and other Stakeholders anywhere at any time.

From any internet connection along with a secure login to our web-based SMS platform, you can update your employees and clients with new business information, important notifications and conduct cheap direct marketing campaigns.

SMS Marketing Services in Kenya

The Bulk SMS web platform can also be linked to your company database or notification application for automatation and scheduling, making it super easy to manage complex messaging campaigns.

We ensure that crucial updates, organizational notifications or business marketing messages are delivered how and when you plan them to.

Achieve greater efficiency from Crimson Technologies’ Bulk SMS, which allows you to send large volumes of SMS messages and take advantage of reduced rates. The more messages sent per month, the lower the per message rate.

The Cost

Please note a onetime set-up fee of Ksh.10,000+VAT applies to facilitate procuring of Alphanumeric sender ID from mobile operators. SMS Credits purchased are valid for 12 months.

No monthly charges.

The Cost of Bulk SMS solutions in Kenya

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