Mobile App. Development & Management in Kenya

Mobile App. Development &  Management in Kenya

Get your corporate applications up-and-running fast on your mobile devices with the Crimson Mobility Application Platform (CMAP).

CMAP is a platform/operating-system diagnostic application development environment that enables you to write one application and deploy it to multiple devices and platforms. CMAP includes an extensive library of pre-built, customizable application templates that can help you:

  • Include the broadest range of mobile devices in your enterprise IT
  • Adapt existing mobile applications to your specific needs
  • Protect mobile data with end-to-end security
  • Support multiple mobile platforms with a single application
  • Enable single-point mobile-device and application management
  • Connect mobile applications to multiple back-end systems

Design Platform Features

Mobile Development in Kenya

You can use CMAP to scale and extend your data sources inside and outside the enterprise, over any wireless network in Kenya and to most smartphones or tablets. Key features include:

  • An Integration Framework that connects mobile applications to multiple back end systems
  • A Gateway Server that delivers end-to-end data security and reliable transactions over wireless networks
  • SmartClient always-available native applications
  • WebClient enterprise-grade application deployment to devices that run advanced mobile browsers, such as iPhone and Android
  • A Management Center that enables end-to-end mobile device and application management, including tools that can initialize, deploy, manage, and update the devices and applications.
  • An extensive library of application templates you can use to customize your mobile applications based on your specific requirements.
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Let Crimson technologies be your prefered Mobile Application Development service provider of choice in Kenya. We offer fully bundled applications that run on various currently existing smartphone devices.

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