Microsoft Windows Server 2013 in Kenya - Supply, Installation, Deployment & Management

Microsoft Windows Server 2013 is the next-generation version of the Windows Server operating system in Kenya, offering new: web, Virtualisation, security and Management utilities built-in.

Companies throughout East Africa rely on Microsoft Windows Server 2013 to power their applications and networks efficiently and securely.

Crimson Technologies offers Microsoft Windows Server 2013 supply, installation and configuration services in Kenya and East Africa.

We go further and migrate you from your current server platform, with advanced onsite domain setup and control, simplifying your Microsoft Server 2013 experience for your organization in Kenya and throughout East Africa.

Benefits of having Microsoft Windows Server 2013 at your organization in Kenya

Microsoft products in Kenya
  • Simplified server management – The new Server Manager offers a unified console for setting up, configuring, and managing servers.
  • Built-in virtualisation – The built-in Windows Server Hyper-V hypervisor enables you to create and manage multiple virtual machines on one physical machines-including those running on different operating systems (Windows, Linux, and others).
  • Enhanced web platform – Internet Information Services 9.5 (IIS 9.5) is an enhanced platform for building more secure and flexible web applications.
  • Increased security – Microsoft Windows Server 2013 has multiple features that enhance the security of your applications and data, including Network Access Protection (NAP), Identity and Access (IDA) solution, read-Only Domain Controller (RODC), and BitLocker Drive encryption.
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Let Crimson technologies be your provider of choice for Microsoft Windows Server 2013 in Kenya. We also offer software update and maintenance on monthly, quarterly and yearly plans.

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