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Microsoft Windows 8 - Desktop and laptop PC operating system

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s newest entry in their Windows client operating system line.

Featuring a redesigned interface, great new features and a solid underlying structure, this operating system is sure to be a great asset in your home or office.

Microsoft Windows 8 comes with some of the following benefits

Microsoft products in Kenya
  • Upgraded graphical features: Windows has a new, streamlined interface, and boasts some new features for navigating, including:
    Pin: Just like a post-it note, you can put things you use often right on your taskbar.
    Jump Lists: Windows now keeps the programs and files you use most often in a handy “jump list”. All you have to do is open the jump list, and use your most frequent files in two simple clicks.
    Windows Search: A new search function that allows you to search your computer the same way you search the Internet.
  • Designed for the computer you have today: – Many users complained that Windows Vista was far too processor intensive for the computers of the time. Windows 8 has been optimised very well for today’s computers.
  • Improved security features and device management

Crimson Technologies’ Microsoft Certified Professionals have a wealth of experience with Microsoft’s desktop operating systems and can put them to work for you within your organization in Kenya.

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