Microsoft SharePoint 2013 - Configuration & Deployment in Kenya

SharePoint - Team collaboration and document management tool

Microsoft SharePoint is a collection of web-based software products that enable sharing of documents, databases, calendars, forms, and workflows across teams or the enterprise.

Microsoft® SharePoint Workspace® 2013 provides a pathway for working with SharePoint site content whether or not you have access to your corporate network.

Additionally, SharePoint Workspace enables you to bring together team members from both inside and outside your organization, with no IT assistance required and no need to waste time thinking about firewalls, servers, security, or network access.

Enjoy the following Benefits

Microsoft products in Kenya
  • Ease of use – SharePoint’s interface is web-based, making it easy to access, learn, and use.
  • Collaboration – SharePoint enables teams or enterprises to easily share documents, databases, calendars, forms, and workflows, all while maintaining version control.
  • Enterprise search – Equip your staff with quick access to critical documents via SharePoint’s built in enterprise search feature.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office – Enables your staff to quickly create, open, and edit Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) within SharePoint.
  • Security – You can allow different users different access rights to the same SharePoint sites. Completely block one type of user, let another simply read documents, and allow others full read and write access – thus ensuring confidential information stays confidential.

Crimson Technologies’ Microsoft Certified Professionals have a wealth of experience with Microsoft SharePoint in Kenya and can put it to work for you.

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