Business Application Solutions in Kenya

Focused Capabilities That Deliver High-Value Results

Applications are the lifeblood of your organization’s operations. In fact, many are so critical that any adjustments are met with the fear of disruption and limited productivity. With so much at stake, is revolutionary change really possible?

Evolve without risk through Crimson's delivery model and experienced industry and technology consultants. We’ll help you implement, develop or modify applications to ensure alignment with organizational needs and objectives — resulting in reduced costs, increased productivity and improved compliance — no matter the demand:

  • Consulting — Identify opportunities for improvement and needs not addressed by your current application architecture, through customization, modernization and maintenance.
  • Development — Build customized applications for your organization, using our expertise in a wide range of development platforms.
  • Integration — Create a singular, interconnected IT community for your entire organization by strengthening data transfer communications with suppliers and clients and streamlining physical data collection points.
  • Testing — Minimize risk through comprehensive, predeployment application testing, and reduce time to market through our low-cost, global resources.
  • Maintenance — Extend application lifespan through custom enhancements, user- and system-support and upgrades.

Empower your organization with efficient applications that match your goals. Partner with Crimson Technologies today and capitalize on our breadth of application services.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Top Enterprise Resource Planning Firms in Nairobi

Use our comprehensive industry knowledge, deep expertise in packaged applications and robust consulting methodology to help select, deploy and modify the right packaged application.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Top Business Intelligence firm in Kenya

Improve operational visibility and decision-making by gaining insights into customer and market behavior, product development, resource allocation, sales and marketing, and cost patterns.

Custom Software Applications Development

Custom Application Development in Kenya

Use Crimson's strengths in multiple technologies, high standards delivery and best practices to acquire customized software applications that cater to your needs.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development in Kenya

Get your corporate applications up-and-running on the widest range of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets — in the shortest time possible — with Crimson's Mobile Application Development Platform.

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