Oracle PeopleSoft ERP Services in Kenya

Drive Operational Efficiency and Cultivate Business Growth

Do more with less. It’s the mandate of every IT organization — and the reason that many businesses rely on PeopleSoft as their enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

PeopleSoft enterprise applications enable organizations to significantly improve business performance through greater efficiency and integration. That means lower IT costs and more timely information across departments.

Oracle PeopleSoft ERP Services in Kenya

As an Oracle® Platinum Partner, Crimson can help you discover, design and deploy the right PeopleSoft solution for your needs. We’ve built a global team of PeopleSoft ERP professionals who have guided successful implementations across multiple industries including:

  • Consumer goods
  • Federal, state and local government
  • Healthcare
  • High tech
  • Higher education
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Travel and transportation

With our extensive knowledge of competing technologies, packaged applications and proven consulting methodology, we can help you stretch the value of your ERP investments with services ranging from strategic application planning to tactical business process and application enhancements.

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