Our IT Supply Services - Branded Desktop Computers, Laptops, LCD TVs, PLASMA TVs, Tablets, Mobile Phones & assorted ICT Accessories for the East African Market

Suppliers of Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Servers, Printers in Kenya

Check out the best ICT deals in the East African Market; Everything is Brand New & Original - With cross-border shipping & customs handling

Crimson helps you harness the transformative power of today’s latest technologies, simplifying the entire life cycle of every initiative, from assessment and planning to implementation and support.

Working in close partnership with our clients, we ensure that the hardware purchases you make are backed with strong support strategies to ensure your IT infrastructure continues to run smoothly and is sufficiently resourced to deal with future rises in usage demands.

Desktop Computers in Kenya

Manage every aspect of desktop ownership, from deployment and maintenance to security and asset recovery.

  • Desktop Computing
Mobile Computing in Kenya

Boost user productivity and secure data and devices - without introducing excessive IT burdens.

  • Mobile Computing
Server and Computers in Kenya

The demand for information anytime, anywhere and on any device knows no bounds. Crimson is leading the way with servers that work harder than ever to help IT departments operate more efficiently, more effectively and more strategically.

  • Servers Deployments
Data Storage in Kenya

Get storage growth under control with Intelligent Data Management. Store, protect and archive your data more efficiently

  • Data Storage & Information Security
Computer Netrowking Companies in Kenya

Converge your network into a single high-performance fabric built on familiar open standards.

  • Networking Deployments
Workstations in Kenya

Unlock your potential and move your business ahead with certified, high-performance Crimson Precision™ workstations.

  • Workstations
Partner with Crimson Technologies today

Let Crimson technologies be your prefered ICT Solutions provider of choice in Kenya. We also offer hardware management and maintenance services on monthly, quarterly and yearly plans.

Go ahead and Talk to us today or just Call us on 020-244-1086 and we will provide a detailed price quotation list for the various IT Systems products that we offer.

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