Corporate Email Services in Kenya: Supply, Deployment, Migration & Management of Email Server Solutions in Kenya

Eliminate the hassle, risk and stress of email Requirements in your Organization with our comprehensive Email solutions in Kenya.

Good communication is at the heart of every successful business, which makes your email a vital tool. Yet, between ensuring that it’s always running, easily found, and free of viruses, spam and unauthorized content, managing your email can be a thankless task.

  • We will install or upgrade your Corporate Email Server systems using MDaemon®, Zimbra®, Microsoft Exchange 2013®, or any other Linux-based E-mail Server solutions in Kenya.
  • Crimson Technologies will also manage and support your email system for your organization, ensuring maximum uptime, efficiency, security and also to plan for ease of expansion and scalability.

A comprehensive suite of cloud-delivered Email solutions

Crimson™ Email Management Services (EMS) are designed to help you solve virtually all your email challenges — from preventing downtime to fighting spam and viruses. Even better, EMS requires no infrastructure to purchase or maintain.

Email Services in Kenya

Find out how Crimson Email Management Services can help your organization in Kenya today:

  • Effectively eliminate email downtime and reduce the risk of crucial data loss during storage and transmission
  • Securely archive email with flexible retention and deletion policies
  • Deliver ground-breaking Email record search and retrieval performance
  • Effectively block unsolicited spam and prevent external virus attack
  • Filter and prevent unauthorized content and images from being sent in and out of your email network
  • Encrypt email connection between you and designated partners

Cloud Hosted Email Solutions for Organizations in Kenya

With our cloud-based Email Hosting service in Kenya, your organization enjoys all of the benefits of a corporate communications solution - shared calendars, shared contacts, secure access from anywhere across the globe via the web.

Our Email solutions provide integration with mobile devices, ensuring that you can still access your corporate email messaging, while on the go, while also increasing your ability for team collaboration.

All these and much more, while you leave the hassle and burden of owning, management & maintenance of your E-mail Servers and support software to Crimson Technologies Kenya Limited.

Cloud-hosted Email Management

Cloud Hosted Mail Exchange

Foolproof business email service, manage your business contacts, enjoy email backup services and secure your email communications in Kenya, 24x7x365:

Cloud-hosted Mail Exchange Servers

Cloud Hosted Mail Exchange

Enjoy all the benefits of a dedicated fully-functional mail exchange server with none of the hassles that come with owning and managing one.

Domain "Email Address Only" Service

Domain "Email Address Only" Service in Kenya

Get corporate email addresses only, with a private domain name of your choice, without the need of a full supporting website.

Talk to us today

Crimson knows that not every organization in Kenya has the same Mail needs.

Our customizable cloud-hosted E-mail Solutions in Kenya allow you to tailor your email solutions to not only fit your organization's needs but also your budget, all while making your email more secure, convenient and reliable.

Go ahead and Talk to us today or just Call us on 020-244-1086, for a Custom Email Service solution in Kenya.

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