T-shirt Graphics Design and Print services in Kenya

Through the design team's extensive and broad past, and continuing experience in T-shirt design, they are able to create the unique T-shirt design solution that the client requires.

The first experience most people have had with T-shirt design, depending on their age, may have been from some small shop, tucked away in some corner of the local shopping centre or from the street vendors as is popular in Nairobi.

These T-shirts usually came with some 'amusing' and cheesy catch phrase that would generally be accompanied by some slightly irrelevant or misplaced image.

Times have however changed. Crimson has now made it possible to have your T-shirt printed and personalised in a wide variety of design choices depending on taste or in conformity with certain cultures, corporate or otherwise.

Our Specialities:

T-shirt design and printing services in Kenya

Crimson Technologies's team of experienced T-shirt designers specialize in the design of T-shirts for all manner of occasions such as:

  • Corporate Special Events
  • Birthdays & social occasions
  • Small & Individual Fashion labels
  • Mid-to-High street Fashion Retailers & Retailers

Trend-setters in our own field

Fashion is an ever changing beast and as such it is important for some clients to remain on top of current trends, forms, styles, colours, etc. However, for some clients, it is important for Crimson Technologies' design team to approach the T-shirt design process by first researching what upcoming trends, forms, styles, etc, we may want to emulate, or indeed break.

At Crimson, we believe that conformity is not necessarily a good thing and so it is important to have the experience to help our clients set new trends.

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