Business Card Design Services in Kenya

Business cards: your first point of memorable business contact. A business card is an 88mm by 55mm initial representation of you and your entire company. It better be as good as it can be.

At Crimson Technologies, our business card design studio is second to none. Business cards are not just a contact form, they can clinch the deal after the meeting, or remind the potential client that your company exists. Most importantly, they strengthen your overall brand. They announce to the world that you are open for business.

A business card can be the ambassador of your company. To be kept by a potential client, it needs to be memorable and aesthetic. An important item in your corporate identity, your business card will hold all your crucial contact details. It is your business lifeline.

The design of your business card speaks volumes about you, what you stand for and where you are headed. Should it be a thick art-board, or a light silk stock? Recycled or laminated with a bio-degradable finish? Embossed, or foil blocked? Each finish lends a distinct character to your identity.

Speak to Your Clients with Bespoke Business Card Design

Business Cards Design in Kenya

At Crimson Technologies, we combine exact precision with designer flair. For outstanding business card design make sure you pick our Graphics design agency for a job that stands out far above the rest.

  • At Crimson Technologies, our business card designs have the professionalism of an African design agency, but always carry the essential DNA of your company.
  • The design will have a strong link with your corporate logo design, web site design, etc, to re-enforce the overall brand.
  • The text mrssage on your card will be clear and simple so that you always speak clearly, and directly, to the client.

We offer bespoke business card design services for clients across the East Africa region. Call Crimson Technologies today, based in Nairobi - Kenya, and see how we can help you stand out from the competition. Why not let Crimson Technologies start your business card design project today? Talk to us today.

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