Data Encryption Services in Kenya

Control the security of your Data

From small local companies to large global conglomerates, businesses are increasingly required to comply with regulations concerning data security. In addition, as workforces become increasingly more mobile and distributed, it has become crucial to shield mission-critical data from loss or theft.

Crimson Data Encryption helps your organization remain in compliance with security regulations and ensure that business-critical and sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Data Encryption Services in Kenya

Crimson's Data Encryption centrally manages data encryption and data access to distributed PCs, providing these benefits:

  • Helps you achieve compliance — Encryption of data files helps you remain in compliance with security regulations.
  • Protects your sensitive data — Data residing on PCs is inaccessible if the PC is lost or stolen.
  • Provides centralized control of data security policies — Established policies make data inaccessible under specific, preset conditions such as hard drive removal, password hack or timely connect failure.
  • Minimizes network and end-user impact — Hosted solution automates the process of securing data on distributed PCs, minimizing impact on your IT infrastructure and eliminating the need for end-user action.
  • Helps lower your total cost of ownership — Hosted SaaS solution is simple to deploy, involves virtually no up-front expense or ongoing maintenance, and needs minimal IT administration.

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