Internet Connectivity Solutions for Organizations in Kenya

With Crimson Technologies' Internet Solutions, you are sure of high Quality of Service (QoS) in internet connectivity and IT support.

We are committed to enabling you achieve your business goals using the most appropriate and effective internet solutions.

In partnership with leading corporate internet solutions providers in the Kenyan market, we believe that there’s no organization better placed to cater for your internet connectivity needs as we are. We provide internet connectivity solutions in Kenya tailored to your unique needs!

What Makes Us Tick

Corporate Internet Solutions in Kenya

We have partnered with strong corporate Internet service providers in Kenya, with a sizeable Internet Market share, to provide your organization with excellent internet connectivity that suits your needs. Some of the features of our service include:

  • Our ISP partner networks allow us to deliver services to most major towns on privately-owned infrastructure, hence giving you the desired convenience.
  • We have many years of experience in the corporate internet service in Kenya - we have amassed a wealth of experience over time.
  • In association with AccessKenya, Telkom-Orange and Wananchi Online, we have built a strong internet service support network in Kenya.
  • Our ISP partners have the most reliable internet service network, with efficient redundancy, based on fibre technology supplemented by cutting edge wireless technologies.
  • Our ISP partners offer multiple international redundant paths out of Kenya with 4 separate landing stations around the world giving you the most robust international service available.
  • Our Customer Service is second to none in the industry, with significant investment in ticketing and tracking software to help us to manage your account effectively at all times.
Partner with Crimson Technologies

In response to the emerging business challenges, sophisticated customer demands, increasing levels of information need, data networks complexity and increasingly competitive markets, organizations in Kenya need to become more dynamic: agile, mobile, knowledgeable and fast.

Let Crimson technologies be your prefered solutions provider of choice in Kenya for all your Data & Internet Connectivityrequirements.

Contact us today or Call us on 020-244-1086 for a custom Voice Solution in Kenya that fits your requirements, while remaining friendly to your cheque-book.

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