Data Backup & Restoration Services in Kenya

Efficiently Manage your Regular Data Backups to Minimise Data Loss risks.

Data loss is a serious threat to any organization. Businesses of all sizes need to protect their critical and sensitive data resources. Crimson Online Backup and Restore offers rapid, intelligent off-site backup for distributed PCs — all with minimal network impact.

With Crimson Online Backup and Restore, you can:

  • Effectively eliminate data loss and user dependency
  • Centrally manage all backups
  • Easily deploy backups with minimal network impact
  • Intuitively and easily configure and use its dynamic interface

Data Backup and Restore Service Features:

Online data backup and restore services in Kenya

Crimson Online Backup and Restore allows you to automatically back up data from desktops and laptops to a highly secure off-site data center, helping save time and expense. Benefits include:

  • Secured user data — Easily restore data after drive failures, user error, viruses or theft
  • Centralized backup management — Centrally manage backups and deployment for your entire PC environment through integration with Crimson Distributed Device Management
  • User independence — Run backups while the user works, without requiring user interaction
  • Minimal network impact — Store only incremental changes and synchronize each file only once, even if stored in multiple locations
  • Designed for distributed client PC environments — Back up and restore PCs around the globe over the Internet, whether or not they're on the corporate network (no WAN/LAN or VPN connection necessary)

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