Managed IT Solutions for Businesses & Corporate Institutions in Kenya & East Africa

Enjoy Greater Organizational Productivity Through fully bundled IT solutions in Kenya that provide both core connectivity as well as IT infrastructure management.

As your infrastructure grows to address the needs of your organization, its maintenance and support requirements consequently multiply. This may overwhelm your IT team with routine operational tasks — to the point that innovation takes a backseat.

Drive productivity to a whole new level by liberating your organization from tedious IT tasks. Through automation, market-leading tools and the support of an experienced workforce, Crimson helps you off-load maintenance duties and align key talent with higher value projects.

As a client of Crimson Technologies you also have a partner to assist you in providing strategic direction and in determining the best use of technology as your company grows and as your requirements change. We offer a range of IT Solutions to our clients in Kenya:

End User IT Systems Supplies services in Kenya

Network Security solutions in Kenya


Crimson provides comprehensive Network Intruder Detection & Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IDS), by delivering pervasive Network Security solutions in Kenya for combating unauthorized intrusions and malicious Internet attacks that may pose great threats to the integrity of the network in your corporate organization in Kenya.

  • This includes a fully managed FireWall, content filtering and automatically updating Anti-virus for desktops and servers.
  • We can also provide a service where our support team check virus alerts to ensure your machines and network are clean from attack.

Protective Hardware Management & Maintenance services in Kenya

Desktop & Server Preventive Maintenance

Ensure that your hardware technology is current, secure and available around the clock through strategic planning, help desk, desk-side support and procurement services.

  • On the PC front, they include PC usability checks and installation of a standard desktop suite, on-going hardware, operating system and desktop software support together with quarterly maintenance and a quarterly report. 
  • With respect to your servers, our solutions include an initial server usability check and ensuring that the latest operating system and service packs are updated, together with on-going hardware and operating system support together with quarterly maintenance and a quarterly report.
  • Advanced Server Support includes effectively complete management of your servers.

Wired Networks, Wireless Networks & IP Telephony Management in Kenya

Managed Email

Optimize the sharing of corporate resources more effectively through:

  • Greater mobility, real-time data access, IP telephony and wireless services offered in Kenya by Crimson Technologies.
  • We will deploy a functional wired and wireless network or upgrade your existing one using the latest technologies at our disposal
  • Crimson Technologies will also manage and support your IP telephony system system to ensure maximum availability, cost-cutting, communication efficiency, security and also to plan for ease of expansion and scalability.

Managed Corporate E-mail Solutions in Kenya

Managed Email

Share information more effectively through greater mobility, real-time data access, and IP telephony and wireless services offered by Crimson Technologies.

  • We will install or upgrade your E-mail (either MDaemon®, Microsoft Exchange®, Zimbra® or any other excellent Linux-based Mail System)
  • Crimson Technologies will also Manage and support your E-mail system for you to ensure maximum uptime, efficiency, security and also to plan for ease of expansion and scalability.

On-Site and Remote Technical Support & Trouble-shooting in Kenya

On-Site Support

Our On-Site Support solution provides clients with a full time or part time engineer on premise, supported by a technical team back at our office to give further assistance on higher level issues if required. We can connect to any PC or server within your organization and offer remote assistance.

  • Using an Enterprise class and Security secured solution, we solve your PC, server and Network issues that need quick resolution.
  • Our Remote Assistance solution rides on our own network and is secured by strong connection encryption and access controls that match your IT security policies.

High Systems Availability (HSA) services in Kenya

High Availability

Keep your business-critical information systems continuously available and protected.

  • Changes to your Data, Applications or Critical System Objects are captured in real time and replicated to alternate (backup) servers.
  • The system enables controlled, non-intrusive and fast fail-over to meet any contingency.
  • It is scalable, application independent, and ready for virtualized and clustered environments.

Off-site Data Backup Management solutions in Kenya

Offiste Data Backup

As Crimson Technologies, one of our most popular solutions is to ensure that your PCs back up transparently to your local servers and data centers, which in turn back up daily to our off-site redundant storage facility for maximum security and automatic peace of mind.

  • We monitor that your backups take place daily.
  • Off-site redundant Backup storage for maximum security
  • We do not use old tape technology.

Virtual Private Network Management services in Kenya

Virtual Private Network Management

More and more companies require secure access to their data and applications from remote sites – either home or remote office locations, or from laptops while on the move. 

  • We can provide you with hardware and software solutions and full management of your Virtual Private Network..
Partner with Crimson Technologies

As your provider of choice for all your Managed ICT Solutions in Kenya, Crimson Technologies offers a partner to assist your organization in strategic use of technology as your organization continues to expand into the future.

Go ahead and Contact us today or just Call us on 020-244-1086 and see how Crimson Technologies (Kenya) Limited can partner with your organization, and help with your specific IT requirements.

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