Mobile Application Design Services in Kenya

Bring Consumer Devices Into Your Enterprise

In an era when employees want to use their personal mobile devices to get more done at work and to stay connected to email & social media — the big question isn't "Should we...?" but rather, “How can we do it faster?"

Incorporating new consumer devices into an enterprise-wide IT strategy involves complicated challenges, such as:

  • Which device types and platforms should I include?
  • How can I protect my critical data?
  • What can I do to rein in device and operations costs?
  • How do I manage all the different voice plans and invoices?
  • What will it take to stay current with the newest devices?

Let us help you assess your needs and design a strategy that attracts the best employees. Crimson Technologies' consultants can help you implement a mobile device strategy that gives your workforce the flexibility they need to do their best work — without sacrificing your intellectual property, IT security or data integrity.

Integrate Your Corporate Applications on Your Mobile Devices

Enterprise IT teams around the globe are actively investigating how to integrate every kind of consumer-based mobile device/platform into their computing environments. That means adapting your corporate applications for these devices — fast.

You can use the Crimson™ Mobility Application Platform (CMAP) to get your applications running on the widest range of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets — in the shortest time possible.

We offer prebuilt, customizable application templates as well as technical experts who can build solutions for you from scratch.

Either way, we can help speed mobile application development and provide ongoing support to your employee needs.

We can also scale and extend your data sources inside and outside the enterprise, over any wireless network in Kenya and to any mobile phone or smartphone device.

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