IT Infrastructure Consultancy Services for Kenyan Corporates

We enable your organization to enhance efficiency, Accomplish complex project undertakings and maintain a competitive advantage — by offering our own IT experiences & expertise.

The constant progression of technology helps organizations reach new heights. But this rapid evolution can also leave a complex IT infrastructure in its wake — driving up operating costs and limiting agility.

Transform your IT landscape through a unique consulting methodology from Crimson. Developed from proof-of-concept testing in our solution center and backed by real-world experience in supporting a wide range of customer implementations, our proven approach helps you:

  • Understand the implications of new technologies through workshops
  • Assess your infrastructure to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Design a customized plan to address your organization’s specific needs
  • Implement market-leading solutions that help you grow and thrive
  • Manage the complete functionality of the entire engagement

Maximize the value of your IT investments today and shape an efficient, effective and scalable infrastructure through our IT consulting services.

IT Strategy and Planning

IT Strategy & Planning

Create a more manageable, well-planned, efficient and agile IT infrastructure for your organization.

Data Center Planning and Management

Data Centre Planning & Management in Kenya

Optimize your data center through account, server and storage consolidation, end-to-end management and the introduction of a standards-based environment.

Application and Database Infrastructure

Application & Database Infrustructure in Kenya

Implement an Oracle database and the necessary enterprise applications to enhance data availability and improve database performance, security, monitoring and management.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity & Data Recovery in Kenya

Protect valuable information, maintain productivity, speed recovery and meet regulatory compliance requirements to keep your organization running through maintenance and unexpected events.

Enterprise Mobile Devices

Enterprise Mobile Application Development in Kenya

Consult with Crimson specialists to integrate consumer mobile phones, smartphones and tablets into your enterprise mobile computing strategy.

Data Storage and Management

Data Storage in Kenya

Reduce complexities and optimize the way your data is stored, protected and managed.

Networking: Design & Development

Computer Networking in Kenya

Share information more effectively through greater mobility, real-time data access, and IP telephony and wireless services.

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