Professional ICT Services for Corporates and Businesses in Kenya

Crimson Technologies is committed to enabling you achieve your Organization's goals & Objectives using the most appropriate and Cost-effective technology Solutions in Kenya.

No matter what your IT requirements your business faces, Crimson offers a full selection of service options — from our pay-as-you-need support options to our complete managed services solution — giving you the flexibility to choose the services that match the specific needs of your business.

Managed ICT Solutions in Kenya

Desktop Computers in Kenya

Enjoy Greater Organizational Productivity Through fully bundled solutions that provide both core connectivity as well as IT infrastructure management. Refocus your key talent toward mission-critical tasks and greater innovation by shifting routine IT support responsibilities to us.

Business Technology Application Solutions

Mobile Computing in Kenya

Empower your organization with efficient applications that match your goals. Partner with Crimson Technologies today and capitalize on our breadth of application services.

ICT Consultancy & Infrastructure Management

Server and Computers in Kenya

We enable your organization to enhance efficiency, Accomplish complex project undertakings and maintain a competitive advantage — by offering our own IT experiences & expertise.

Business Intelligence Services

Data Storage in Kenya

Whether you’re building a new BI program or enhancing your existing business intelligence applications, you need a strategic approach to consolidating, managing and analyzing your data.

Email Services Deployment & Management

Computer Netrowking Companies in Kenya

Eliminate the hassle, risk and stress of email management with our comprehensive mail server solutions.

Corporate Internet Connectivity Solutions

Workstations in Kenya

With Crimson Technologies' Corporate Internet Solutions, you are sure of high Quality of Service (QoS) in internet connectivity and IT support.

Partner with Crimson Technologies today

Let Crimson technologies be your prefered ICT Solutions provider of choice in Kenya. We also offer management and maintenance services on monthly, quarterly and yearly plans.

Go ahead and Talk to us today or just Call us on 020-244-1086 or just Call us on 020-244-1086 for a custom Professional ICT Solution in Kenya that fits your specific requirements, while remaining friendly to your finances.

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