Wireless Networks & Wireless Internet Connectivity Solutions in Kenya

Enjoy all the values, features and functionality of high-end wireless network systems, within a Secure but easy-to-use framework.

The WLAN market is being driven by the strong trend toward the use of Wi-Fi as a ubiquitous utility to support more mature applications such as voice, video, digital signage and other sophisticated uses.

Crimson Technologies is a premier Wi-Fi technology solutions provider in Kenya. We focus on the setup, configuration and management of next generation Smart Wireless LAN systems in Kenya.

Broadband Wireless Internet Connectivity

Wireless Networks & Wireless Internet Connectivity Solutions in Kenya

We are credited with supplies, installation and maintenance of reliable and secure Wi-Fi systems that extend varying Wi-Fi signal range requirements, ensuring quality of service across diverse geographical sites in Kenya.

  • We extend our Smart Wi-Fi service by providing seamless broadband internet from various internet service providers of choice to our clients in the Kenyan Market.
  • Our Smart WLAN (Wi-Fi local area networks) systems work for both home-based as well as enterprise customers.

Market Overview

Today the WLAN market in Kenya is largely split between high-end WLAN switch enterprise organizations and low-end small-business & home-based Wi-Fi consumers.

With our Wireless Solutions, we are well positioned to provide these market segments withh all the benefits, features and functionality of high end systems but within an easy-to-use and affordable system.

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Let Crimson technologies be your prefered solutions provider of choice in Kenya for all your Data & Voice requirements.

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