Advanced Custom Wide Area Networking (WAN) Solutions in Kenya

Wide Area Network Advanced Solutions

Crimson Technologies offers top-end WAN Solutions in Kenya for larger organizational clients who need custom Inter-Networking solutions to meet unique Distance communications requirements across Kenya.

In partnerships with credible service providers with national coverage across Kenya, with network coverage to most major towns in Kenya, we are able to deliver appropriate and reliable WAN solutions across all the 47 counties in Kenya at an affordable price.

Key features of our Custom WAN Solution in Kenya include:

custom WAN solution in Kenya

We can provide a custom WAN solution in Kenya with the following features:

  • Inter-site fast P2P connectivity
  • IPL Services (International Private Lines)
  • Multi-site Layer 2 VPN enterprise inter-connectivity
  • Multi-site Layer 3 VPN enterprise-wide inter-connectivity
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Services

In partnerships with ISP solutions providers in Kenya, we are able to avail the most redundant fibre optics network in Kenya. We extend this service with full integration into two wide-area wireless networks. Crimson Technologies (Kenya) Limited offers both traditional connectivity solutions and top of the range Layer 2 WAN Solutions.

How does a Custom WAN Solution in Kenya help my organization?

custom WAN solution in Kenya

A custom WAN solution in Kenya will allow you to securely connect your geographically-dispersed corporate locations, under the following key aspects:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connectivity for centralisation corporate resource management including: revenue collection, procurement, customer service, etc.
  • Shared Internet Gateway for efficient bandwidth use.
  • Shared email and other collaboration services e.g. intranet and document management.
  • Centralized Voice (VOIP) services management, including integration of remote PBXs together.
  • Video Conferencing services.
  • Remote printing for remote locations e.g. manufacturing sites.
  • Remote CCTV and monitoring.
  • Factory Automation Systems including remote management of plants or production lines.
  • Centralised security through a single entry point to your whole network for added security.
  • Secure WAN-based Data Disaster Recovery solutions.
  • Single network exit point to connect to a third party Offsite Backup Site for ease of management.
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