Network Management & Support services for Organizations in Kenya

We proactively monitor and manage your network to protect your Data & Infrastructure against Malicious hackers, viruses and spyware while ensuring uptime, productivity and efficiency.

Technology is a vital part of business - it can advance your organization and help your business achieve its objectives. Crimson's Network Management solution in Kenya provides superior support for your entire corporate IT network. This is done while managing the advancement of your technology requirements as it relates to your organization's goals and objectives.

Enhance your organizational Connectivity

As your organization in Kenya grows, Crimson will help to ensure you have the right IT resources in place to sustain its development.

By proactively maintaining your system, Crimson's tech. specialists are able to pinpoint problem areas in your network before they boil over, preventing your company from costly downtime.

We’ll help you more effectively manage access to your data, applications, hardware and other network resources.

Network Management & Support services

Our structured network management solutions in Kenya will help your organization:

  • Maximize Performance & Productivity
  • Enhance Network Security
  • Achieve Reliability for Critical Core Apps
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Update obsolete Hardware & Software
  • Boost Network Scalability
  • Simplify Network Management

Network Management & Maintenance services in kenya

As your prefered IT specialists in Kenya, Crimson monitors the overall health of your network daily, ensuring your technology maintains its best condition possible.

Network Maintenance services in Kenya

Our Network Management is modelled as follows:

  • Firewall Policy Management & Access Control Lists
  • Routing Protocols, Config. Management & Support
  • Site-wide Anti-X (Anti-Virus & Anti-spyware) Management
  • Virtual Private Networks, Encap. & Host Controller Management
  • WAN technologies, ISP & 3rd Party Vendor Management
Partner with Crimson Technologies Today

Team up with Crimson Technologies today, and get the most out of your network. Introduce your organization to a higher level of IT connectivity by taking advantage of our computer networking services in Kenya today.

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