Office IT Relocations Solutions in Kenya

For an Organization in Kenya to manage the relocation of its own IT and telephony infrastructure is a huge undertaking. IT relocation is integral to any office move and failed office relocation projects is one of the most common causes of disaster recovery events.

Our Project Managers have the skills and experience to deliver a wide range of projects, from desktop rollouts, infrastructure upgrades, to Active Directory Migrations, and blanket WLAN coverage.

Crimson Technologies offers a complete Project Management solution organizations looking to move. From the crucial pre-move consulting to the ordering of your phones & Internet services, our consultants will set their sights on getting it right for Monday morning.

Getting it right for Monday morning

Office IT Relocations Solutions in Kenya

Let our office move consultants advise you on all areas from category 5 cabling and telephone line provision to the physical relocation and recommissioning of your server and other network hardware.

  • Our engineers and consultants will be on site to supervise every aspect of your move to ensure your business is operational for the first Monday morning in its new premises.
  • In the event of an unforeseen problem occurring, contingencies will already have been discussed to guarantee continuity when business hours resume.
  • In such circumstances, we will invoke these procedures to ensure that disruption is minimised.
Partner with Crimson Technologies

As your provider of choice for all your ICT Solutions for Businesses in Kenya, Crimson Technologies offers a partner to assist your organization in strategic use of technology as your organization continues to expand into the future.

Contact us today or just Call us on 020-244-1086 and see how Crimson Technologies can help you with your specific IT project needs.

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