PC Management Plans for SME Businesses in Kenya

Computers are in your office to help you run more efficiently; Crimson ensures that is possible around the clock.

We provide a complete solution for supporting and managing the overall health of each computer in your business in Kenya. Crimson's support services ensure that your computers are functioning properly, and more importantly, remain protected & secured against modern technology threats and disasters.

Desktop/Laptop Optimization, Maintenance and Support.

Desktop/Laptop Optimization, Maintenance and Support

Crimson's 24/7 Desktop Management System provides the comprehensive preventive maintenance services your computer needs without delay or interruption to your business organization in Kenya.

  • Regularly scheduled and automated updates ensure maximum productivity, security, uptime, and performance of your desktop environment.
  • The desktop Management agent works when you're not, and ensures that you're able to work when necessary.
  • Daily antivirus signature checks, spyware scans and removal, and temp file deletion are all part of intelligent agent desktop optimization.

Security Management

Desktop/Laptop Optimization, Maintenance and Support

Crimson proactively updates your PCs with the latest Microsoft patches after they are tested and certified by our team.

  • We ensure all critical security updates and patches before deployment without causing interruptions to your systems.
  • Security management services we offer in Kenya include: Patch management, system auditing & reporting, distribution & redundancy management, security breaches prevention and prevention.

ICT 'Asset & Lifecycle' Management

Desktop/Laptop Optimization, Maintenance and Support

Crimson Technologies manages your entire computer equipment life cycle, giving you real time account of your hardware assets through the Crimson Technologies Desktop Management System.

  • Real time queries and flexible reporting options simplify hardware & software planning, management & license compliance tracking.

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