Crimson's Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions Methodology

Our goal at Crimson Technologies Engineering Solutions is to provide an engineering environment that allows knowledge to be shared among all departments throughout your organization and ours, creating a true partnership in the design and engineering process.

We have developed a proven methodology to achieve this goal. We call it “The Crimson Technologies Engineering Solutions Way.”

Develop & Manage the Workflow

We start by managing the workflow as well as the personnel assigned to the project. At this stage, we also try to conceptualize the cost savings and will continue to monitor costs from the start of the project until the end.

At Crimson Technologies Engineering Solutions, we enforce the advantages of economies of scale by ensuring equipment usage on multiple shifts.

We also recommend personnel on multiple projects, thus avoiding unproductive time and are able to use the right mix of employee competency on each project.

Benefits to you:
  • Cost savings through managed workforce, managed workflow, and data management
  • Greater efficiencies through higher level production equipment, talented, hard-working personnel, and more efficient work environment
  • Lower risk by minimising capital investment and greater workforce flexibility by avoiding co-employment issues

Understand & Document your Engineering Process

Insight into your process allows us to provide high level consulting services to enhance the process, through expanding our role in the engineering environment and through the implementation of knowledge-based technology.

During this stage, we continue to conceptualize the cost savings, and present data on soft cost savings.

Benefits to you:
  • Allows you to focus on your core competencies
  • Allows you to integrate high-level services such as tolerance analysis and assembly simulation, finite element analysis, and failure mode and effects analysis, all without the cost of employee full-time personnel
  • Can reduce costs associated with assembly and manufacturing variations

Plan for the Long-term

At this stage we will identify all the cost savings that our services have provided you and quantify them, either with data that we have tracked, or from a baseline you have provided us.

This provides a basis for solidifying a long-term commitment on both sides that is critical to realizing maximum cost-savings through your partnership with Crimson Technologies Engineering Solutions.

Benefits to you:
  • Services discount with longer-term, higher volume commitment
  • Long-term resources commitment from Crimson Technologies Engineering Solutions

Add Value to enhance your Engineering Process

As Crimson Technologies Engineering Solutions becomes an integral part of your engineering environment, you will realize and enjoy the broad range of expertise available to you.

At this stage, we look forward to expanding our relationship to include some of the additional services that Crimson Technologies Engineering Solutions can provide.

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