Customer Contact Management Solutions

Enhance customer relationships, satisfaction, and retention with Crimson Technologies® Customer Contact Management Solutions.


For any business engaged in sales or services, effective customer relationship management depends on trustworthy communications—and a quality call center. Yet because of high employee turnover, many call centers fail to meet the expectations of both the business and its clients.


Crimson Technologies can provide both the technology solution and the human resources for effective customer relationship management.

For one customer, we developed and implemented a comprehensive, integrated call-tracking system that provided up-to-the-minute information, a centralized database, and support for multiple communication channels.

And in collaboration with that customer, we helped staff and train call center associates, and developed procedures to provide both qualitative and quantitative measurements of associates' performance and ensure quality.


With Crimson Technologies® Customer Contact Management solutions, your organization can enjoy:

  • Freedom to focus on core business-building capabilities
  • Better communication with clients facilitating more effective conflict resolution
  • Enhanced brand image and higher customer satisfaction and loyalty

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